When it comes to film, beauty is as beauty does

(so sorry to inject that FG reference)

Instant photo of my dog Jack

It was so great seeing the Impossible Project folks up in LA this past weekend! They always host a great show (we missed the opening because of LA Friday night traffic–boo!) and great, fun workshops. For this exhibit I had one piece shown; one from my dog/Polaroid project that was shown in NY last October and is of a big dog’s butt. Ha! Yes, when you need a picture of a dog’s butt, you know who to call.

Whenever I get inspired to shoot instant film (although Polaroid is no longer available, the people at The Impossible Project would be happy to hook you up), the dogs are my go-to models 🙂 and they always give me pretty pictures.

Note to self: bring sx-70 out more often when clients are in the studio. This is a recipe for instant happiness. (And if I’m shooting you and forget, feel free to ask!)


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