We’ve Arrived! Birth Announcements that are Instantly Adorable

I was a young mother in the early 80s (my daughter Jenna was born in 1981, and I was 20 years old). I’m 53 now, and I’m so SO glad I’m not young and having babies now. Main reason: Pinterest.

Pinterest is an evil, menacing website that raises everyone’s game to a completely unattainable, unreachable goal. When my kid was in grade school, mothers were just starting that nastiness–what with cutting sandwiches into the shape of an elephant, stuff like that–these days, with Pinterest, there’s simply no way to just have a birthday party, or just send out a save the date, or just announce that two adorable beings have just entered your life.

Pinterest is like the Evil McGyver. But instead of telling you how to fix a jet aircraft with some shoestring and a paper clip, Pinterest whispers evil goals in your ear: “hey, you know if you just got some twine and a few mason jars and a hot glue gun, you can throw a barnyard wedding for yourself and 400 of your closest friends and family!”

Seriously. How crappy is that?

You don’t need an army of balloon animals and a baby penguin to make your one-year-old’s birthday party a sweet success. Really. And you don’t need to spend hours burning off your fingertips with candles and glue guns to get out 200+ birth announcements framed with REAL! LIVE! baby’s breath. All you need is a clever thought.

And that’s just what my clients, M & M had. I shot their dog for my “I Dreamt of Dogs” project last year [that’s the one in which I photographed dogs on Imposible instant film], and they loved the look of the print so much, they wanted to have some more taken of their new babies, V & O, to hang with their dog’s. But they also started thinking that the look of the Polaroid prints would make for some neat, unusual baby announcements. How cool!

Add to their initial thought my quirky sense of humor (enter the fake nose & glasses, one with moustache, one without–you know, to tell them apart), and you come up with a super adorable idea for letting friends and family know that, yeah, you’re a parent how, but you haven’t lost your hipness.

Here’s a peek from one of many shots we took; this one is my favorite. And if you know me, you know why.

Can you tell them apart?

Can you tell them apart?

So back off Pinterest!┬áJust tell yourself: babies can’t drink from Mason Jars and maybe a homemade barnyard wedding just isn’t your style.


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