The Day Jack Had a Revolutionary Idea

I’m not really crazy about printed backdrops; I prefer plain seamless or location for real scenery and texture. But a couple of years ago I ordered this backdrop, it was on Photo Pie’s website by mistake, and it originally had Chairman Mao in it. I asked them if I could get it with not so much Mao, and they obliged. I think I’m the only one who ever bought it (and I got a great deal on it!) and I know that Jeremy over at PP has been waiting forEVER to see what I was going to do with it.

I’m going to leave this up for Erica & her little man Milo. They’re coming to visit me tomorrow, and I’m sure we can get some great shots that his teacher will probably not like so much.

By the way, if you ever see a color or backdrop on my site that you like and want to use for your shoot, feel free to ask. I love to collaborate and love to hear what clients are thinking.


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