The Beauty of Skin

When I was a photo editor for BBW Magazine, I was responsible for 32 pages of color spreads every month, including the cover. One month, I put a model in a red dress on a red background, and my editor pitched a fit. She said you never, ever, put a color on a like color.

Clearly, she was wrong, and during the early 90s all the major fashion magazines started to do this. (Not saying I started it, but hey…I’m pretty sure I was one of the first to see that alike colors look amazing.)

This is an old favorite from a few years ago. This couple had the most beautiful skin and it everything about them just cried out for the brown seamless. It seemed like a no-brainer; brown on brown, and I think they’re gorgeous. I think this backdrop really shows the beauty of skin. This color combination can not miss, and after I set up a new studio I’d like to break away from the bone and charcoal grey and starting shooting with color again.

Brown on Brown

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