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Fighting birth control haters with children.

Even though I’ve very opinionated and have lots of opinions on lots of things, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with my blog. The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) helped me with this week’s topioc: “Fighting birth control haters with children.” Ironic, huh? Yeah, that was on purpose. The SCOTUS’ recent and disastrous ruling on Hobby Lobby’s […]

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A Picture vs. a Portrait

Is there a difference between what makes  a picture vs. a portrait? If so, what? What’s the difference anyway? Let’s start with portraits. Seeing that I shoot or create portraits as my job, that should be an easy thing to define. Though I’ve thought a lot about how I want to shoot a portrait, I’ve […]

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I’ve been in a bit of a funk for awhile; Mr. Susan has been travelling a lot and the dogs and my only company are two beasties who adore me but don’t get my jokes. I love the Vatos, you know I do, but sometimes I find myself missing that place out there, that world. […]

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