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it was definitely a day for hugging back. definitely.

That’s the title of this blog post for those of you who may be new to this site. For those of you who already know me, it’s: Man, That Was Fucking Amazing! See the benefit of knowing me? Ok, so, here’s an update. Today was the last day of my project, I Am the Fourth, […]

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do more for 1 in 4

So. May is Mental Health Month, a tradition started in 1949 by Mental Health America, with the idea of increasing awareness of mental health and helping those who suffer from it. Chances are, you know someone whose life has been touched by mental health; maybe it’s even you. Maybe you’re afraid to talk about it, […]

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do you know who you’re talking to?

So. I thought I’d give you another peek at the progress on my MHA The Village (a program of Mental Health America) portrait shoot. I’m really stoked to be working on these images; I’ve culled them, picked out the best ones for final prints and have made basic adjustments in Lightroom. Next I’ll work on […]

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