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Aarrrgghhhhh…I’ve started a dozen topics for this post and deleted them all. There are tons of things to talk about, but I’m not in an especially chatty mood, so I’ll just show off Jessie & her siblings. They’re the kids who hired me to take their portrait for their mom and dad as a Christmas […]

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Thank Goodness We No Longer Need Topiary Ostriches

All the photos of me with my parents, when I was a child, are universally dorky. In most, I’m standing very straight (commanded to do so) and looking right at the camera. On page after page in our family albums, that’s me  in my hipster bell bottoms or horribly mismatched sweaters, standing next to a […]

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So this is how it all started…

That’s right: the stinkeye. It’s not the first stinkeye I’ve ever received, and I know for damned sure it’s not the last either. But Em gave me a good one. The stinkeye can intimidate a photographer; it can upset a mother even more. It can give the appearance that we’re off to a bad start. […]

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