A Simple Memory That Will Last Forever



Nora Catherine and her dad, Steve. I’m so going to miss this family. They may already be on their way to Yuma (sad face). I’m going to miss watching this little pea grow up.

So, I’m culling this session and I had to stop for this photo. Obviously not one you’d get on a big canvas, but if this were my family, I’d get a print of this, like a 4×6, a small one. And I’d just put it in a drawer, like¬†my makeup drawer or my underwear drawer; whatever. Doesn’t matter.

It’s one of those pictures that you just come across one day, years later, and you realize that even though there’s makeup and dust all over it, and it’s probably bent or creased by then, it’s such a perfect moment that happened long ago. And you sigh, and maybe you even cry a little because you can hear that little girl, who’s now a big girl, out in the backyard with her dog, or talking on the phone with her best friend.

It’s just one of those photos.

Even if Joanna and Steve don’t ask for a print of this, I’m going to send them one.¬†

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