Shooting Fathers and Sons

Fathers and sons: it’s a dynamic of which I know pretty much nothing. But I like to think that every time I shoot them, I see a little bit more than I did before. Or maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know the “real deal” with fathers & sons (as if there could be just one “real deal” to match everyone). ┬áNot knowing the dynamic like I do the mother & daughter (very much a love/hate relationship) my 53 year old eyes are practically brand new, and i can find just the prettiness in them together. Come to think of it, maybe I do shoot mothers & their daughters differently. It’s an interesting thought.

I love this shot because of the way they seem inextricably entwined. Whether fathers, sons, mothers or daughters, I think that’s a state we are all in at one time or another. Maybe longer.


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