rockabilly baby

Baby girl with rad dad Tad.

I had the cutest peanut in the studio today: her name is Josie Apela Dunn and she’s the love child of Emily & Rad Tad, whose wedding I shot a couple of years ago. One thing that is truly fabulous about my job is that my clients are rarely in & out. That is, I usually stay in touch with my clients through Facebook or Flickr or just through life. Even though I’m not shooting weddings anymore, a lot of my brides & grooms are coming to me now with new babies, either on the way or in the backseat, and it’s just mind blowing to see these people grow their own families.

I was recently at PhotoLA and a gentleman was looking through my portfolio. He looked at me and said, “you have a happy job,” and I DO! I have a happier job than I ever thought I would. And who would have ever thought that would come from babies! They poop you know. A LOT. Even though they come with that “new baby” smell they eventually trick you and…well, they poop. And stuff.

Doesn’t matter. It’s seriously impossible to not fall in love with them, even if you don’t want to have any of your own (and that’s cool, no pressure here. I’m beyond my baby-making years and I’m glad for that, but man, some of them, the way they look at you…I can see how younger women get that whole Baby Jonesing thing).

More photos of Rockabilly Josie (seriously? how long before I can do a “Josie & the Pussycats” shoot with her? I’m already planning it!) and her rad parents, Tad and Emily.


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