My Dog, Going Long

Going Long — It’s Never About Football.

nothing small about most small dogs, as evidenced by this slow but steady takeover.

nothing small about most small dogs, as evidenced by this slow but steady takeover.

Surgery = neglected blog. Sorry about that, but healing takes precedence and there’s only so much computer time per day that I’m allowed. You can tell by my Instagram that I’ve not really been working; it’s photos of me and my dogs, and photos of my dogs and me. And this photo is of…my dog.

The mattress was brought out for a very dear friend from the UK who was in the states and crashed at our house one night (we got pizza and watched The Atticus Institute, a freakin’ frightening movie). After he left, my dwindling desire to do housework kept the mattress there long enough for the dogs to discover it. Specifically, Jack. He’s decided that it’s his bed. Whenever I can’t find him in my bed, or the couch, or wherever, I know he’s snoozing on the expensive down comforter in my studio.

But the point of this post isn’t Jack’s absconding with the air mattress; it’s his method of “going long.”

See, people who don’t like small dogs (IMHO) don’t like them because, well, they’re small. But they’re deceptive in their smallness. Once a small dog gets super comfy (usually in your bed), they do this super bendy (think Eugene Tombs without the liver eating) thing calling going long. We have a CA King Sized bed, and when Jack goes perpendicular, he takes up a full 1/3 of the bed. Mouse goes under the covers and of course, goes perpendicular but isn’t able to go quite as long as Jack.

T sleeps on a pillow above my head so this isn’t really about him.

So anyway, this is going long. I’m sure a lot of down owners–whether they live with long or small dogs–see this on a daily basis. I don’t have the heart to make them go short again; they just look so comfortable.

I’m not shooting a lot at all these days and won’t be taking any new sessions soon, so I try to keep my skills up by shooting the dogs and me. And me and the dogs. While setting up today for one such shoot I spotted this out of the corner of my eye and I just had to grab the shot. Not a great photo, lighting, framing, etc. But, a GREAT shot because it shows Jack at his most comfortable, it shows his soul as you can see it if you look hard enough.

I love the quirks in my dogs; it reminds me (and I don’t hesitate to tell others) that they’re all different. No size fits all. No training fits all. They’re all unique and individual, and just need the time to feel comfortable to let that real dog out.

This is one of my real dogs.

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