Little Sister (Restaurant, Not the Song) in Hermosa Beach

So, no sooner did I announce on Facebook that I’m reopening my home studio than I got loads of emails requesting bookings! I never stopped working, you know, but I think I may have given the impression that I was closing for good. Have you seen the cats on my Facebook & Instagram accounts? And Nacho, the little Chi? Yeah, man, I shoot on location too! I thought you knew that.

One (pretty regular) gig that I love is shooting for the trade magazine, The Tasting Panel. I go to amazing restaurants in Los Angeles (I sometimes get to eat the food I shoot!) and work with great editors who are always so wonderful. This past weekend I shot at Little Sister in Hermosa Beach. I was there to shoot a portrait of Chef Tin, but while waiting for him to arrive I shot up the restaurant itself. It’s SO cool inside. Very well done, really industrial. The walls were stenciled with words and graffiti, and there even some beautifully color butterflies coming out of a machine gun.

I grabbed a couple of shots to share and to tell you that if you’re in LA, you must check out this place for lunch or dinner. Everything I shot smelled so good, and Mr. Susan snuck a few bites of non-meat dishes and he was in heaven. Really nice people; great atmosphere, and from what I can tell, food that is divine. Can’t go wrong.

Oh, and while I was convinced that the name of the restaurant is also a Mott the Hoople song, I Googled today and discovered I’m wrong; it was an Elvis song.

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