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Whatever your style is, it’s the shit. That’s right; your style is the shit.

So stick with it; right? Whatever style of furniture, clothing, hair, or photography you like, then really like it. Enjoy it to the fullest, and stop letting other people–or websites (hello, Pinterest!) tell you what your style should be, or what the “in” style is right now.

Don’t let your photographer tell you either. I talked about this a lot when I was shooting weddings, but it still goes. Whatever you like, find a photographer who shoots it just like that, and then hire her (or him). If that person is a little out of your budget, then save up for a little while until you can afford it, and dammit, do it right. Don’t cheat yourself.

The last thing you want to hear a photographer say is, “I don’t normally shoot like that, but I can do it for you.”

That’s bullshit! Bullshit. Seasoned professional photographers can shoot in all kinds of different styles, yes that is totally true, but most portrait/family photographers have a certain style. They have a look. They become known for that look, and people come to them because they want that look.

Make sure the photographer you hire shoots the look you like. Don’t knock a couple of hundred bucks off your budget and hire someone who’s going to imitate that style or look, because I’m telling you now, there will be tears. You know I’m right.

Through Flickr and Facebook, and now Instagram, and of course my site, I’ve developed my own style. Basically, the photos I shoot are the kind that I would like to hang in my house. I think a lot of photographers (if not most) would say that about their work. So when you’re looking at my portfolio, or what I put up on Facebook (don’t judge me by Instagram, because hey! It’s Instagram!), you can imagine pretty easily how your life is going to look through my lens. There are no surprises; no twists and turns and no tricks.┬áThe photos below are from a recent session and I can say with confidence that I’d put any of those on my wall (if the adorable Dylan were my kid).

I shoot what I like; and if you have a kind of quirky, offbeat style–you know, the kind of photo that looks like the “real” photo just happened 1 second either before or after–like me, then we might be right for each other.

But if we’re not, that’s cool. There are lots of photographers who will get your style, just like there will be lots of clients who get mine.

There’s someone for everyone. Even me, and even you.


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