Growing Wistful for Baby Jenna

This photo is so simple, but I don’t see it on other photographer’s websites. Probably because it’s from behind; you can’t see the baby’s face, right? Not exactly a framer.

But to me, it’s a keeper. This photo brings back so many memories of me as a very young mom with a very young baby girl. I was enamored with my new baby. I was young (only 20), and I wasn’t familiar with babies at all. I wanted to see her, touch her, and hold her all the time. Like, all.the.time.

I’d linger outside her bedroom and watch her while she slept in her crib, waiting desperately for a sound, any sound, that would indicate she was about to wake up. I’d sometimes see the back of her, like in this photo, sleeping peacefully while I twisted on a stick,¬†ready for playtime.

I was really into photography around this time (it was 1981, and yeah, it was film!), and I took loads of photos of her (and us), but I rarely¬†took an ordinary, every day kind of moment, and I never got a shot like this. Now I wish I’d had one. It makes me wistful for baby Jenna.

By the way, this is Victoria, Tatiana’s and Robert’s “rainbow baby.” She’s perfect.

Sleeping Victoria

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