Gifts That do Good

So yeah, everyone is having a Black Friday sale, right? Some of them even starting today! I’m no different, I guess, except my Black Friday includes gifts that do good, hopefully for the beasties, not for you. (Sorry, but come on, you’re a people and you have thumbs and you don’t really need another five dollars off anything, right?)

Here’s my BF deal: I have maybe a dozen of these Winged Dog t-shirts left, and although they’re still the same price ($35), the donation from each shirt sold is upped from $5 to $10, and that money is going directly to Save Our Strays Kalamazoo. They’re an all-volunteer who’s in the Kalamazoo Shelter every danged day, working to make the homeless animals comfy and helping to find them forever homes. So I know you have at least one dog person in your life; if you’re still shopping for them and want to help out the 4-leggeds, consider this; gifts that do good.

(I know, holiday shopping is hard. If you’re anything like me, one gift for someone else means two for me. So grab one or a few of these while they’re still available, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.)


gifts that do goodgifts that do goodgifts that do good

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