getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Oh sure, a new baby’s screams aren’t exactly the sound of music, but the overwhelming feeling of curiosity and wonder make everything worth it.

I remember how fascinated I was when my daughter Jenna was born. I was a very young mother (20 years old) and knew virtually nothing about babies. And this was 1981; no baby boom. We were all still kind of waking up from the 70s, and society just was not kid-centric. Now of course there are a million resources for telling you what and what not to do, expect, try, believe, etc. Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t know anything; I was left to my own devices to explore and get to know my baby girl all on my own.

Shooting kids when they hit about 6 months is great; they can sit up but can’t yet run away. Shooting newborns presents a whole new set of challenges (I’ve had to stop shooting 5 or 6 times while babies interrupted our session for a quick snack). But those sessions also offer an environment that is truly universal: wonder; amazement; fright and excitement.

I love seeing how couples pass the baby back and forth between one another. They haven’t yet mastered these maneuvers, so a head may flop a bit and fingers slip; I like to capture these moments because these moments really are one of a kind. Getting the feel (literally and figuratively) of your newborn is a once in a lifetime experience; why wouldn’t you want pictures of that?

I love seeing dads smell their baby’s hair; watching them play with their toes and fingers. I love love watching moms (or partners) watch this, they literally watch their family taking shape. It’s remarkable; it’s breathtaking. Even if you never plan to have children (and hey, you don’t have to; there’s no judging here), witnessing a new baby in a household is something you must experience at least once.

It’s the ultimate human condition; and it’s something you never get tired of and it’s something that will forever fascinate you.

Here are some shots of Pam and Darron finding their way into the whole parenting thing with Orion (like the constellation). That tiny, new little baby is aptly named; though just a speck in the whole of the universe (and beyond); he might as well be the sun (oh ha! that’s a joke; get it? son, sun?) in their house.

(Wow, that was a punny post; I don’t do that often so bear with me 🙂


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