Fighting birth control haters with children.

Even though I’ve very opinionated and have lots of opinions on lots of things, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with my blog. The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) helped me with this week’s topioc: “Fighting birth control haters with children.” Ironic, huh? Yeah, that was on purpose.

The SCOTUS’ recent and disastrous ruling on Hobby Lobby’s right to deny female employers access to certain birth control really pissed me off. Sometimes when I’m this pissed off I want to break things. Other times, I want to write pages and pages of rants. So I found a compromise. I’m going to write a few paragraphs about a society that’s breaking its children. I’m sure you’ll familiar with the Alito vs. Ginsburg smackdown; if not, it’s a must read. There’s some very scary stuff in there, and it’s going to affect you in some way. Either your daughter, your niece, your girlfriend or wife, your grandchildren could be denied basic rights to their own bodies if this doesn’t stop.

I’m told it’s generally a bad idea to talk politics or religion on your website. (Actually, that’s a lie: nobody has to tell me that, it’s sort of obvious.) But if you’ve been to my Facebook page (either personal or business), you know that I have a tendency speak my mind. I don’t have many filters between my brain and my mouth, and I tend to say when other people might think it’s good time not to.

I don’t view this as a flaw; quite the opposite. If you’re thinking of me coming into your home and photographing your most loved ones in your most intimate shared moments, you should know who I am. Don’t you think? I may disagree with you politically, or on religious matters (or fashion–probably especially fashion because my #1 factor in choosing clothes is comfort, not style) but I’m nice, I have manners and I know how to act right. Of course (for the moment anyway), the SCOTUS has completely obliterated whatever filters I actually did have.

So, let’s get to it.

First, my sympathies to the female employees of Hobby Lobby, because they’ve just been told by the Supreme Court that their most private decisions now belong to their employers. That’s not just unfortunate, it’s fucking grievous. But rather than go into a rant about the war on women (which you’ve just seen blossom big time) and how Mother Nature already gives us a shit-load of stuff to deal with without other people coming in and pointing at your privates and telling you this is ok but that most certainly is not or whatever their projectile personal prejudice. Rather than that, I’m going to show you some photos of the lovely beings I’ve been shooting recently. They’re all babies and children. And I don’t want you to think I’m trying to represent their parents’ opinions or views or anything like that, because I don’t. Fighting birth control haters with children is ironic if nothing. And yeah, that was on purpose.

I happen do think (just this side of “know”) that these children have been born to families in which they will be loved, where they will not just grow but thrive, where they will not just become productive citizens (who the fuck knows what that means anyway?) but valuable persons. I don’t know if I’m productive to my community, but I know I’m valuable because I have compassion and empathy. I know right from wrong and my decisions aren’t based on money. I care for people deeply (not more than animals, sorry). I know that the children whose photos I’m showing you are living in a home in which they’re wanted and celebrated and cherished and all the things that children and babies should be, but aren’t always.

Some babies are born into low-income families who truly cannot afford a(nother) mouth to feed. Some kids live without food, heat or proper shoes and clothing. Some babies are born to babies themselves; girls who are barely out of puberty, who haven’t been even begun to grow into a woman, not even a young woman.

It seems that the people who complain loudest about birth control access for everyone are also the ones who are completely silent when it comes to the hard issues about unwanted kids, or kids born to kids, babies born into poverty or abusive situations (except to demonize them and deny them what? Oh right! Birth control.) Good luck if you’re a child born under any of the circumstances outlined below. It’s like, there are websites and crowds and congressman dedicated to saving you if you’re an egg all nine months while you cook in your mom’s body, but once you hit the gurney, it’s all, “ok, mom, it’s all on you now.”

Why is an egg worth saving but a child is not?

Good grief, we have so many babies, children, and even older teens with no family at all. Unwanted children who need a family to help them become loving, compassionate, valuable persons. Why aren’t we focusing more on those kids than the ones who might or might not be born? You care so much about what Betty Boo, secretary at Hobby Lobby, is doing about her birth control, but why not take that energy into fostering a child? Or hey, ADOPT a child! At the very least become a Big Brother or Sister. Try taking all that love you have for unfertilized eggs and put it into an actual living person (not a statement about at what stage an egg becomes a person, not at all, so don’t project, yo!).

These children below will all become valuable persons; not just to their families (to which they already are), but to the community, to the global community in which your children and grandchildren are going to have to live.

In fact, I don’t know anyone who’s raising an asshole. But that’s just my good luck.

Good thing for us; this is the future.



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