Double All of the Things! Or, Photographing Twins.

Life. Waaaaaa. So much going on these past couple of months; I can’t believe I haven’t updated in over a month. There’s been good news, bad news, family news, life events happening to friends. Up & downs, med refills, new meds, and sick dogs. Bringing some things to an end, and, of course, new life. Possibility. Hope. Starting Fresh and appreciating what you have. Just some of the things that my brain has been trying to wrap around lately. I’ll be 54 this year, and there are two things that I know for certain: 1. Life is amazing. 2. Life is long.

Being around babies makes life feel so short, doesn’t it? I look at photos of my girl when she was a baby and I can’t even believe we’re the same people. It feels like a lifetime ago, yet it feels like just a few years since I double-tied her shoes and sent her off to first grade. Photographing babies is like a sacred thing. That makes me laugh because I never, ever thought I’d be into photographing babies. Now I’m all full of baby-talk and being about ALL THE TINY TOES. I want to put all of them in my purse and take them home.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a bit of a (continuing) baby boom, and a decent number of these noobies are twins. DOUBLE ALL OF THE THINGS! How are you guys doing this? Not just two of everything you need, but two of everything you think, dream, and hope for. Gah, it’s mind-boggling.

The slideshow below is a bit long, and for good reason. I photographed Becca and Billy’s family last year when it was just them, their daughter Leotie, and Leroy and Wendell (two of the raddest dogs ever). Sadly, Wendell has left Becca since then, and as we are dog people, we know how big the hole that’s left behind is. But the universe saw fit to fill it a bit with Wolf and Donovan; two baby boys with a bit of a complicated entry into human-world. They’re fighters. so they must know what amazingness life is; what amazingness is worth fighting for.

I heart this family. I say that about a lot of families, and I mean it every time (but note: I do not say it every time). Sometimes, whether it’s the time of your life, or your circumstances, or it’s just the spark in someone you meet that touches a spark inside your own self, you connect. I can’t say I’m easy to connect with, but I think I’m eager to connect. Connectedness is something sort of new for me, and it becomes more important with every birthday that passes. Right now, being around babies, being around people who I really like, with whom I connect, seems the most important thing for me.

Point being, when I say I heart this family, I don’t mean it lightly. I want to be this family’s new best friend. (LOL, okay, that was a bit much, but you know the feeling when you meet someone and you just say, wow, that’s a pretty neat person there). And I think that about all of them. So for lots of reasons, some of which you may or may never know, this family gets an extra long slideshow. Family, friends, near and far: come and see what Becca and Billy made: They made a new beginning.

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