The Cat Collection

It’s been brought to my attention recently that there is a dearth of cat photos in my Etsy shop. Not that that needed to be brought to my attention; I was actually aware of the lack of cats, generally, in my Flickr stream, on my Facebook feed, and in my Etsy shop. Coincidentally, there has been a lack of cats in my life, in general, for several years.

I’ve owned several cats in my life (in as much as someone can “own” a cat; I’ve found that cats, unlike dogs, choose their owners, not the other way around). They were all magnificent. Guido, whose purr was a dead-on Edward G. Robinson in Little Ceasar imitation; Julie, who once flew down two flights of stairs on a window screen she’d popped out of the window, and of course, Phil, who was just…well, he was just Phil. Add those to all the cats I had as a child and you could say that at one time, before I lived in places where I could have dogs, I was actually a cat person.

Ok, that’s not true. I was never a “cat person,” even thought I’ve rescued lots of cats. I’ve always been a ┬ádog person, and always will be.

That said, I’m in the middle of some cat sessions, from which I’ve been able to gather a decent amount of cat portraits that I feel are worthy of my Etsy shop. Cat Portrait: that’s a kind of oxymoron isn’t it? Cats really dislike having their portrait taken, unlike dogs (generally speaking). In fact one of the best cat portraits I’ve ever taken is one that’s below, where the cat is jumping out of frame. That is just

There will be more sessions coming, and this week or next I’ll get some of these into my Etsy shop. In the meantime, please to enjoy the rare, ever elusive cat portrait, or in other words, The Photo that Really Doesn’t Want to be Taken.

So, for your enjoyment, I give you The Cat Collection. Enjoy! (Or don’t. It’s what the cat would want.)



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