The Wings have a truly special significance to me, which I’ll write about later. But for now: creating. I’d almost forgotten how much I love working with my hands. Painting the canvas, working with Jana to create the wings, it all felt so good to create! In the studio, sometimes seamless is the only thing that will work, but other times I can stretch my wings a little (snort) and play around. Which is what I’ve been doing with the wings. I have a local Winged Dog Day that I’m really looking forward to, because really, what dog doesn’t need wings?

But in the meantime, I wanted to show off this canvas. It’s painting with chalkboard paint, so I can erase and start over if I mess up, or if I have a totally different concept. These antlers were made specifically for T, but I like the way they look on me as well.

More to come.


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