I Love Parents Who Nurture the Animal-Loving Part of Their Kids

Before Leotie & her parents (Becca & Billy) arrived for their photo shoot, I was told that Leotie loved her dogs more than anything. Wendall  and Leroy & Leotie were like the 3 Musketeers; always together, friends for life.

I felt that way about my dogs when I was little. I was lucky enough to have parents who recognized the animal lover in me and let me nurture that part with all kinds of pets: birds, turtles, a chicken, rabbits, cats and more. And, of course, dogs.

I love children who are born into a household where animals are loved. Where they’re not given away when the baby arrives; where they’re cherished as complete family members and where the children are taught to treat them that way. That’s how Becca & Billy see their dogs, and that’s how Leotie sees her dogs (only I think she may love them a bit more than her parents). I feel so lucky to meet parents who nurture the animal-loving part of their kids. (Hell, I even love when they recognize the animal loving part of their kids!)

I love that. It gives me hope for the future of animal welfare and activism. It gives me hope for humans.

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