“When You Adopt a Shelter Dog…”

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen the chalk art I’ve been doing with one of my rescues, T (his full name is R.T. Sabo, but we just call him T, or Pickle). I have such fun doing these, and I post them on Instagram (my name for the chalk art on IG is tasteslikechalk). Today’s is posted below, and the caption read: “When you adopt a shelter dog, he goes from small to T A L L. That’s what you do for him.”

That’s what happened with both T and Jack; they were thought of as “bad” dogs; they were in and out of homes and rescues for years. They’ve been with me 6 years, and they’re the best behaved, most loving dogs I’ve ever had. All it took was some understanding, patience, and love.

Shelter dogs have no confidence, you know. And why would they? You can walk the aisles of any shelter and you’ll see happy dogs, yeah. But you’ll also see those who just stare past you. The ones who have given up on people, on you. The ones who have been broken inside. They break my heart; they’re the ones I always adopt.

So it only made sense to turn T’s adventures into a story about what happened to him after HE got adopted and got some confidence. I haven’t published them all anywhere yet, but they’re coming, and I’m still working on them anyway. If you want to keep up with them, best place is Instagram or Facebook.

For now, here’s today’s:


That’s what you do for him.”

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