Ok, obviously nobody was ready for this shot. Eleanore wasn’t ready; her mom Kat surely wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t ready, as evidenced by the total lack of framing.


The Quintessential Look of Single Motherhood


But a part of my brain saw this image before the other part said “wait, frame it and take it properly.” Maybe the impulsive part, or the creative part, or just the part that hates rules: whatever it was, something told me to take this photo, and I’m so glad I listened.

What I captured is the essence of Kat’s single motherhood. I can totally relate to this image and I’ll bet that lots of other single moms (and dads) can too.

I’m always talking about people just “being,” you know? Just being themselves. No posing or prepping, not worrying about how they look and all that stuff. I had a portfolio review a couple of months ago and one woman asked me why I liked shooting babies and dogs, and I didn’t have an answer for her. “I think,” she said, “you like children and dogs because they are there in front of you, just being.”

I was floored when she said that, not just because she was exactly right, but because I was unable to recognize that when she asked me! Wow. I’ll just sit over here on the bench with other enlightened people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

I learn so much on my job; I learn something new with every shoot I do. Sometimes, I relearn stuff that I knew at one time, but got too caught up in being an “adult” to remember.

More to come on this topic (it fascinates me). But in the meantime, some advice: Sometimes you really need to forget how to be an adult.

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