Life is Chaos

Life is chaos.

Life is a mess. Life is hard. Life is undone laundry and unmade beds.

Life is cat pee on the carpet, and dog hair in the bed. It’s dirty diapers and Barbie missing a shoe. Life is bribes, it’s lollies for breakfast (But never green. Never. The. Green.).

Life is hair pulling and baby boops. Life is dogs at the door and lost keys and one-skillet dinners. Life is 2-minute showers and crawling into bed 30 minutes after you’re supposed to get up. Life is a bathtub full of toys.

Life is late for work.

Life is days that last forever and years that fly by.

Life is I love yous and can I sleep with yous and life makes you laugh till you cry and cry till you can do nothing else but laugh.

Life is hard. Life is a mess. Life is chaos.

The Chaos Theory asks: Will a butterfly flapping its wings in China make your dog throw up in your bed?
(Hint: The answer is always “yes”.)