When You Adopt a Shelter Dog…

So many of us have so many great stories about the animals we’ve adopted and rescued. In volunteering for my local shelter, Kalamazoo County Animal Control Services, I’ve met dozens of amazing creatures who just need and desperately want a chance to be loved. And they all deserve it; every single one of them. The “scary” dogs, like Pitties, fill the shelters across the country. But in my experience and time with them, I’ve found them to be the biggest loves; the most eager to please, wanting the most hugs and giving the most kisses. There have been nights that I’ve left the shelter furious at mankind; other times I’ve left crying. And others, I’ve left vowing to return and save that one dog. (I’m happy to say that every time that’s happened, a rescue has beat me to it.)

I created this series as a way to honor my dogs, rescues all of them. Over the last couple of years I’ve added pieces to this project. Only when I got the help from the amazingly talented graphic designer Travis Haight (of Recipe for Haight), was I able to see the project in front of me take form as it had been in my heart. This project is one more voice adding to the urgency of these animals’ message. Now that we’re getting settled in Southwest Michigan, there are plans in the works for adding more pieces with other dogs; big, small, hairy, scary 🙂 And hopefully some cats as well!

They all have a voice, they’re all telling us something. Something desperate. We just have to be willing to listen.

I hope you enjoy the series, which can be found here.

They’ll be up in my Etsy shop soon, but if you’d like to pre-order a piece, let me know.

Better yet, go visit your local shelter and visit and listen. Take home a new (or old) soul. Because when you adopt a shelter dog (or cat), you change the world. One animal at a time.

Your Pride Becomes His
Your Pride Becomes His