LA to Kalamazoo

Yes, I made it to Kalamazoo! We arrived the 3rd week of February (it was 7 degrees when we got out of the car), and even though it was a mild winter, it took a bit to get used to the white grass of the Midwest. I haven’t lived in the Midwest since I was 10, but wow, how fast those memories come back. The smell after it rains, the complete silence after a good snow. Since we got here my senses have been flooded with childhood memories and they’ve really helped with the bumpy times of missing my kid and my hometown.

I haven’t been shooting (except with my phone) because, moving. And honestly I was a bit homesick for awhile so once our stuff arrived it became my Mission in Life to get unpacked and get the house looking like ours. Mission accomplished, it’s now cozy and us.

The hunt for a proper studio is on, and I think I have a building picked up, now it’s just a matter of time before finding the perfect space and getting the deal done. Tearing down my studio in LA was heartbreaking, and even though the house is comfy cozy, I was still really missing my own shooting space. So I built a tiny studio in the basement where I can be with my seamless rolls and my lights 🙂 And take photos of the dogs.

Which I did the other day, so I guess I am officially a Kalamazoo photographer.

Thanks for the warm welcome, Michigan, so far we’re all really loving it here.

MouseT and Me