Winged Dog, Pitbull with Wings Tee

Aaiiii! As a photographer, I should have gotten “good” photos of people wearing these photos long ago. But I had was a photo of the shirts in a box (lol, major marketing fail) and an iphone shot of me showing 2 thumbs up (ok, that one was pretty cool). Oh! I also had the diptych of myself in the studio with the dogs, but those were quickies, and really didn’t show the shirts so you could really see them.

SO. My good friends and best models came over for a few minutes last night and we some great photos off of the two of them. I think they’re going to be famous as t-shirt models (for months they were my monthly models for Jusani’s line of shirts).

Becky & Jayson; they’re goofs and I <3 them. I plan on doing more shoots with people wearing the shirts, but for now, I got a great two for one.

For now, there’s only the pitbull with wings tee, but there are more coming. There’s also Winged Dog art in my Etsy shop if you’re interested.

By the way, the Wings shirts are currently for sale at my Etsy shop. Go have a look. And if you’re new to the shirts, here’s page on them.