I Am An Old Dog

Although Jack was my first light tester and my first model, he’s not able to do much of it anymore. He can’t sit for but a few seconds, and standing is very difficult for him. T has taken over modeling. That makes me so sad for Jack. When I have clients here, or I’m shooting self portraits, Jack will always circle my clients if I haven’t light tested with him first.

I’ll tell him to sit, stay, and then I’ll take a few pictures (because he knows if I don’t). Then I’ll say, “good job!” and he’ll walk right out of the studio and go lay on the couch. True story.

I have to constantly remind myself that Jack is an old dog. He doesn’t need a pill every time I see him limp. He doesn’t need to be carried around the house. I don’t need to start counting down his days.

Jack is here. He couldn’t be more present than he is now; than he is still. I know the day when he leaves is closer now than it was when I brought him home, but so what? So is my day. So is yours.

This was for Jack. Nobody else got to sit for this (which, let me tell you, created quite a fuss with T and Mouse).


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