LA Photographer – Nostalgia OD with Retro Kids

I don’t like “like” nostalgia. I AM nostalgia. I’m a 70s girl and I won’t hesitate to talk about the days before we had cell phones, iPods, ATM cards, or apps. This isn’t about being in my 50s and wanting to be a teenager again, because when I was a teenager, I was nostalgic for the 50s (way before my time, btw). I bought K-Tel records and wanted a Chevy Bel-Air when I turned 16. I’ve had this age discussion thing with so many of my friends, and we all agree: If we feel 19 at heart then we’re going to stay 19. The only thing that interrupts that dreamy, roller-skating, boogie down, anything-is-possible Happy Place is the fact that we’ve seen the world change so much. And even I know that when you start saying things like, “wow, things have changed so much!” then you are, in fact, getting older.

When Chelsea & Eva at Bouffant Hair Parlor first brought up the idea of shooting kids in retro hairstyles for the shop, I was so stoked. Of course, I would have loved to see some feathered hair, maybe a wedge, but you guys these days are all into mid-century stuff (basically the stuff that my house was decorated with in 1972 because we were middle class and had ceramic fawns and orange candy dishes and those huge Harlequin figure lamps and all that crap).

Still, what a gas. It took ┬áme back (of course!) to my Aunt Joyce’s basement beauty parlor in Davenport, IA. She gave perms, mostly, and it smelled like it! But she also cut hair and did ‘dos like nobody’s business. I think Aunt Joyce would get a kick out of these shots, and so I’ve dedicated them to her. You’ll notice we haven’t stuck to one particular decade in this theme; at first we were going to go strictly with the 50s, but some of the kids just screamed “I AM THE 80s!” and so on and so on. I like the results; sort of a mini “hairstyles that have been cool as long as I’ve been alive” thing. They’ll soon be hanging over the shampoo bowls at Bouffant. If you pop in, take a look, and remember my Aunt Joyce.









I hope this inspires you to go out and get a new ‘do. If so, go see Eva or Chelsea. Then get your kid, or yourself a big ol’ bouf, and have a nostalgia overdose with retro kids. On me.