Baby Skittles, feeling very Skittley today

Finally finally finally, I get to show off adorable Baby Skittles, whose real name is Sophia, to the world. Here she is, a baby in Skittles.

Baby Sophia in Skittles


I had the most fun on this shoot and the one before, during which her mom got down into that pool of cold Skittles 6 inches deep. When it came time for the baby to lie there, though, Dad took all precaution. When I arrived, I nearly squee’d when I saw he’d rigged up a heating pad not even an inch below the surface. There were also blankies and towels to keep the surface smooth and warm for Sophia, his first little girl, his first child.

That nearly made me tear up, which is so funny because it’s a baby in a pool of Skittles! But seeing how tender he was and how careful he was to make sure she was completely comfortable; it was very life affirming and it was a very good thing for me to experience in a time when I really needed it. I’ll never forget that.

So this collaboration between father-to-be and photographer; this is the result. One man so excited over the impending birth of his very first born ever. The other, me, excited about the chance to do something wildly different and crazy and something that this little girl will A-DORE when she’s a teenager. That gives me chills.

I hope she always feels as wanted and safe and loved as she is right now, and I hope that her dad is always there to make sure she’s tucked in warm and tight. And I hope that, for Sophia, life continues to be just a big bowl of candy.