The Case of the Skittles and the Pregnant Woman

Ha! That titles makes me snort; mystery writers out there: this is your plotline!

So not exactly a mystery; more like a puzzle. My clients, S & K, were talking about different concepts for their maternity photos while I was touring their house and looking for light. When I think back on it now, K was munching on a handful of Skittles the entire time.

We kicked around some ideas and made a plan. Then the night before the shoot, S (the husband) texted me that he had an idea about putting Skittles in their tub for K to lay in. He told me that it was a fantasy of K’s. It was great idea, but their tub just didn’t have the visual impact we needed to make this shot work, but I remember seeing their back lawn, and how green and dense it was, and I said to them (at the time) something like, “oh we have to shoot her in that grass from above!”

“Kiddie pool!” I texted back. I have a kiddie pool that I got for the Vatos, but nobody, not even Mouse, would go in the water. Brilliant, we decided, but he texted me back “where do I get that many Skittles?”

Duh! Costco, of course.

Mr. Susan got out the kiddie pool and cleaned it up so nicely, and a little later I received a text from S with a photo of several cartons of Skittles on a pallet. Almost $2000!!

The next day we went about the shoot the way we’d planned, keeping the candy surprise a secret from K. Then about halfway through, I told the men to go outside and get the grass ready, K and I stayed in the master bedroom that looked out over that green grass and she kept asking what we were going to do and I was stalling and saying stuff like “Oh! The light is perfect right now! Don’t move!!” and lots of “Look up! And away!”

Then the time finally came to lead her to the yard, and S got next to her while she walked the staircase down to the bottom of the box (Cracker Jack reference there. Get it? 😉

It slayed her. Slayed. Her. The only thing we didn’t plan properly was getting her in that pool that was filled with Skittles! LOL. Ok, so filling the pool was more for visual effect, and it worked perfectly, but then Mr. Susan and S had to scoop bucketfuls of candy out so we could fit her into the pool. I had scoped it out the night before, so I knew exactly where she needed to put her butt to make it work. (Why yes, I did, and you’re welcome.)

Then we got a ladder, crossed our fingers and got the shot.

When Baby K arrives in probably less than a week, we’re going to put that brand new human into that kiddie pool full of skittles, and then S and K are going to have these two enormous framed prints, hung side by side, showing what a sweet life they created.

6 Replies to “The Case of the Skittles and the Pregnant Woman”

  1. Thanks so much, John.

    Erica! We have to cook up something fun for Milo & DJ’s photo when you get out here!

    Thanks so much, Christine!

    Oh, Ange, I <3 you. You're a constant inspiration and one of my favorite photographers. And you know I mean it cause I email you all the time. 🙂

    haha, Maria, good point! While we were shooting we were saying that it was a good thing the mom-to-be wasn't obsessed with M&Ms. Would have ended up being quite a different kind of shoot.

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