The Bitchinest Girl in the Room

Unlike many other photographer moms, I don’t get to hone my skills on my kid. She rarely lets me take her photo (I have no idea why, as she is the most gorgeous creature ever). But when she was over yesterday for Thanksgiving I guess she was feeling generous and she let me snap a few of her and her boyfriend, and then of her alone.


Jenna, the bitchinest girl in the world


I love this. It’s classic Jenna. I love the little blur of her hand, which shows that while she’s allowing me to take her photo, she’s certainly not going to “sit” for me taking it. If you have ever had a daughter, you know what that  means. Although I have loads of pictures of her, most are from her early childhood. Then, she would dance for the camera, or do somersaults,  always shouting, “are you watching? are you watching?!” And I always was, and sometimes, when I was lucky, I had a camera on me. In those days, it was usually a Polaroid.

But, like so many of us who have been or are girls, Jenna started to hate having her picture taken, and that dislike of having any camera pointed toward her just keeps on keeping on. Oh my gosh, I can’t even count how many clients feel this way; they’ll stand behind me while I photograph their kids or their dogs, but they never want to step in front of the lens themselves. That’s such a bummer, because no matter who we are, we’re all gorgeous. We’re all the most beautiful girl in the room to someone, even if we think it’s just to our moms (please believe me when I say it’s not). To allow ourselves to feel beautiful; to feel enigmatic and sought-after and funny and wicked clever and all those things we think that only other women are, is the best thing we can ever do for ourselves, or our daughters.

It’s the giving season, right? Think about it. Let someone take your picture. Allow yourself to take a compliment. Remember that you’re the bitchinest girl in the room, dammit, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Sit up straight and get your portrait taken. And love it.



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