Five Months With a Mouse

I just realized that today is Mouse’s 5-month anniversary with us, and with the Vatos. That’s crazy, it seems like just a couple of weeks ago she was still brand new to everything–not just us, but the world! Things like hands, niceness, sweet voices, kisses, and being cuddled were new to her, but she’s always been open to all the new experiences.

Except the camera.

Mouse is trying so, so hard to do what she knows I want her to do. Even when she’s sitting on the box and she’s looking at me, though, I can tell that she really isn’t fond of having her photo taken. I know she’s doing it because I asked her nicely and she wants to be so, so good. Since the day she got her, Mouse has been trying to be the perfect dog, I think because she didn’t want to give us any reason to take her back. Away from here; away from her new, and forever, home.

Silly dog. Mouse isn’t going anywhere! And even if she doesn’t know that yet, she will. The Vatos already know it. I know it, and Mr. Susan knows it. And every night when she snuggled into her Mouse cave on top of the bed, between me and Mr. Susan, I imagine her sighing and thinking to herself, “another good day.”

Awww, LOL, that makes me want to give her a squeeze and a kiss.

Silly Mouse.

Mouse the Dog

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