What Is Wrong With My Dog?

A sick dog, still undiagnosed, creates in me this Nana whose sole purpose is To Make You Feel Better, but who doesn’t have any idea whether you need a nap, or something to eat, or a cold cloth against your forehead. I mean, when your dog is sick, you get him ย help. You get his meds, and you keep his blankie clean and you get him new squeaky toys, and you cuddle and spoon him till he gets better. And then, hey! Everything’s better.

But when your dog is sick, and nobody can tell you why, we can’t give him what he needs–we don’t know what he needs–and so all you can do is be there. You follow him all around the house, sort of bent, crouched over, literally hovering over him. Helping him onto his bed, your bed, the couch. Giving him treats because even a sick dog who won’t eat will take a treat and that makes you feel better for a minute, like, hey! He’s eating, he must be getting better.

But he’s limping for no reason that we can find, and he’s not getting better. Even the people meds that are super strong and take away my back pain won’t take away his limp and even when he’s resting in my six-thousand dollar bed he still groans and moans with discomfort. “What should I do?” I constantly ask my husband and honestly, I think that the dog is sometimes so tired of me moving him this way, and THAT way, and putting the pillow under his head and then removing it and then turning the light and the music on and trying to tip-toe out of the room because he’ll just get up, you know, he’ll follow me everywhere. So instead, I sit with him and when he moves, I follow. I hover, follow and hover, waiting I guess, for his body to reveal that secret it holds so tight: What Is Wrong With My Dog.

Today, I’ll email his doctor; not his regular vet, his specialist who consults with internal medicine and the oncology group and who admitted to me that he might have had cancer only after she’s certain he doesn’t. What else is she not saying to me? If he might have something we should start treating him, right now. Today. Why are we waiting?

Why don’t we all just drop what we’re doing and put our heads together and figure out What Is Wrong With My Dog?


2013 ssp

2013 ssp

7 Replies to “What Is Wrong With My Dog?”

  1. Hello Susan,
    I am so sorry to hear that your little guy is still uncomfortable, and that you still have no answers. It sounds like you are seeing very proficient doctors, but if you ever want to discuss his condition with me, please give me a call. I feel for you both.
    Jean Rabinowitz, DVM

  2. Porsche, my rottie did the same prior to diagnosis of Valley Fever. Is he losing weight? I know Valley Fever is more of an AZ thing (due to the weather not getting cold enough to destroy the spores in the earth, but it may also occur in Cali or be triggered long after being inbedded. I know you have good docs & have prolly twisted your grey matter around every possibility…..but I thought I would ask…. (( hugs))

  3. Thank you so much for the hugs and support. The days and months pass so slowly when my dogs are in their senior years. One day, they’re brand new and so happy and the next, they grey is overtaking their beautiful black fur and we have to walk slowly around the block.

    I adore this dog, in a way I think I’ve never loved another dog. It will be devastating to let him go.

  4. I have a 6 year old yorkshire terrior cross Chihuahua. For many months she has been chewing scratching and pulling out her fur. Taken her to the vets many times and they just keep fobbing me off with tablets and injection which arnt helping!!! Can you help. Picture attached! Many thanks

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