true love will find you in the end


I’m so so happy to finally be able to upload a quality version of this, a PSA I’ve been wanting to do since photographing these dogs nearly two years ago.

I’m very involved in rescue and shelter work in my community; and I encourage everyone to get involved. Yes, it’s very difficult to visit a shelter (that’s the main reason people won’t volunteer). But the animals there need you, they need your companionship and your reassuring voice and short walks. After you’ve volunteered at a shelter a few times, it does get easier. It is still heartbreaking, but you can leave knowing that however little you think you did, you improved that dog or cat’s day by, like, 1000%.

Please look into helping your local shelter or rescue in any way you can; if you can’t visit the shelter, considering a blanket drive, or a toy drive. Anything to help spread the word and get people to keep adopting, and not shopping, for pets.

(ps: thank you thank you thank you Alison for putting this together for me.)

[The song, “True Love Will Find You in the End” is sung by Beck, written by Daniel Johnston, and available on The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered

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  1. Lovely doggies, photo’s and film, Susan. Loved the music. I cried. I agree about rescue shelters, we support our local, where Lula came from.

    I admire your loyalty to the cause:)


  2. I love your photos!! This is a really great thing you are doing…. I hope a lot more people get to see them. You should do a book… “Shelter Dogs” or something.

    1. Thanks Tami. I hope more people see them too; adoption vs. breeding dogs seems to be a hot topic in the news these days, maybe there’s more hope for those poor animals.

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